New Monitor for pc

  Lee1976uk 14:57 04 Jul 04

I am looking to buy a new monitor for my pc, and was looking for peoples opinions on what to buy. I am looking to spend around £300. I don't mind ifs its a crt or tft monitor.

  bremner 15:21 04 Jul 04

Can't get much better than the Iiyama 431S - top of the PCA chart

click here

Due to its popularity it is quite difficult to get hold of so an alternative could be the LG L1710 - which I can personnaly recommend.

click here

  Lee1976uk 15:38 04 Jul 04

thanx bremner checked them out both look good am swaying towards the Iiyama 431S.

  bremner 15:47 04 Jul 04

I tried to get the iiyama but at the time (six weeks or so ago) you couldn't get one for love nor money.

  Lee1976uk 15:50 04 Jul 04

just checked ebuyer they have 112 in stock but after reading this forum am apprehensive about buying from there. Did a search on pricerunner and found other shops cheaper than ebuyer but none had it in stock. I have to wait till friday anyways till i get paid so fingers crossed they still will have them in stock :)

  flying grouse 16:04 04 Jul 04

e-buyer is a good company to deal with if you use the system they have installed "properly" that is E-NOTES for any queries and problems.

I have used e-buyer for years with no hassle and when I have used the e-note system they have replied quickly.

don't be put off by some that should know better.

............flying grouse

  Lee1976uk 16:06 04 Jul 04

I know flying grouse, you never know unless you try it for yourself. As i said I have found it cheaper elsewhere so come Friday I will check again and see which is best.

  bremner 16:12 04 Jul 04

I have made 30+ purchases from Ebuyer without problem, just because a few people report problems don't let that put you off - the thousands who don't have a problem just don't mention it.

  flying grouse 16:47 04 Jul 04

you could check click here the price includes delivery if I remember correctly

............. :)

  Rayuk 16:49 04 Jul 04 all have them at the moment

  Mister Splendid 17:57 04 Jul 04

No problem, goods just turned up on the day expected and were as they should be.

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