New laptop: 1.7gHz + 6GB RAM OR 2.5 gHz + 4GB RAM?

  JPJPJP 24 Aug 12

Trying to decide between two laptops. Which one is likely to be faster?

Laptop A: 1.7gHz + 6GB RAM - also has a 32GB SSD.

Laptop B: 2.5 gHz + 4GB RAM - can go to 3.1gHZ with Turboboost.

What do you recommend?? Which one will run best?

  Forum Editor 25 Aug 12

Speed isn't everything when it comes to laptops - there are other, equally important considerations. Perhaps if you gave us a bit more information about both machines we'll be able to advise you better.

  iscanut2 25 Aug 12

As FE says, other factors will help decide. What make ? What OS ? What is intended use ? Size of screen ? etc etc....

  JPJPJP 25 Aug 12

I deliberately didn't given other details because I don't want other factors to confound this. For all intents and purposes, they are roughly the same, i.e. both 14" screens, similar size, weight, both run Windows 7.

I just want to know which one is likely to run faster. Basically, is RAM or processor speed more important? Will having a SSD make a difference to how fast the PC runs?

  Nontek 25 Aug 12

SSD info

You might find this interesting.

  rdave13 25 Aug 12

In my humble opinion I'd go for the faster CPU but would check to see if the motherboard can support up to 8 GB of ram if I needed to upgrade at a later stage.

  feb 25 Aug 12

Faster CPU and upgrade the RAM at your leisure!

  frybluff 25 Aug 12

Which is heavier:

Two apples or an orange and a plum??

  rdave13 25 Aug 12

In this instance the one with the too small capacity SSD. The OS and security programs and other drive management programs would fill the drive. You'd need to disable hibernation to save space and that isn't good for a portable PC. Most of the bigger programs would need to be installed on the data drive anyway.

  sunnystaines 26 Aug 12

are you sure the ssd is only 32gb sounds too small to be pratical.

  D@ve 26 Aug 12

There is a lot more to processor speed than just their raw frequencies.

2.5Ghz Processor Type A isn't necessarily faster than 1.7Ghz Processor Type B. You're giving us very little to go on.


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