New Graphics card => flickering

  tnk9393 09:02 AM 15 Feb 13

So i've recently upgraded my graphics card from an msi Geforce gtx 550 ti to asus geforce gtx 660 ti. Everything works fine, the card runs smoothly at max 70 degrees C. The only problem is that under high load (EG: Borderlands 2 maxed out graphics, even Star wars the old republic) i notice some whiter "lines" that flicker and move up and down on my monitor. I tried using my tv as a monitor to see if this problem goes away and it did. The only difference i can find between my monitor and my tv is that the tv uses a hdmi input and the monitor vga. Now i`m seriously thinking of buying a new monitor (old one was kind of ** anyways). My questions are: Do you think that will surely solve my problems? and Is there any other alternative to buying a new monitor?

  nickf 10:07 AM 15 Feb 13

What connections do you have on the monitor ? If you have DVI you could try a different cable . I would also remove and reseat the VGA connection at both ends , I think all of us have at sometime left a connection loose !

  tnk9393 10:17 AM 15 Feb 13

I've tried two dvi-vga cables, screwed em both really tight, and it's the same. Im gonna try and see if i can find a hdmi->vga cable (im not sure if that exists at all)


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