new footprint pc's

  Gerrycan 21:02 18 May 03

Has anyone got one of these, or whats your opinion?

click here

  powerless 21:14 18 May 03

I'm going to be Sick :-(

From the picture, nope do not like 'em at all!

  Forum Editor 22:02 18 May 03

and if only those prices were pounds instead of dollars I might even be tempted to whip out the trusty credit card.

My immediate reaction was "at last somebody has had a rush of design sense" followed by "what about heat/upgradeability"

But they seem to have addressed all that. We'll see, but I wouldn't mind one on my crowded desktop, wouldn't mind at all......

  kentylad 22:41 18 May 03

Until PCI cards become alot smaller etc, I feel this would be nothing but hassel with regards to upgrades

However, someones got to get the ball rolling....


  wee eddie 22:53 18 May 03

For most computer users anyway. Upgrade is not really an option often used. The purchase is treated much in the same way as a car, only the second-hand/trade-in market has not stabilised yet.

But maybe Sir Clive should have a look at his Patents.

  Tim1964 23:09 18 May 03

It reminds me of my VIC20, with everything under the keyboard....except the tape drive

  rev.bem 00:06 19 May 03

Mmm isn't it wasn't it small boys in the park oric atmos for goalposts :-)

  jazzypop 00:33 19 May 03

Looks just like my trusty old Atari ST - if only I could have got a screen like that for it :)

Youngsters may need to click here or click here to know what an Atari looked like :)

My opinion - little use for home users, ideal for many corporate uses.

  Belatucadrus 00:45 19 May 03

If this was Dell or one of the big UK players I think they could shift a lot of product, a product like that, LAN ready would suit call centres very well.

  Aspman 13:12 19 May 03

REminds me of my old Spectrum +2A minus the tape player. A bit Ugly but could be useful in its place.

  Murray 14:56 19 May 03

I'm sure for the home user this might not appeal very much, but for more specialised uses, when upgradability is no issue - for exmple when they just want a small computer, maybe easily moved, this is an excellent idea.

I can just about remember the days of learning BASIC on a BBC micro, and come to think of it, why did no one think of this a long time ago.

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