New AMD Athlon 64 Processor

  alansmith 16:34 01 May 06

Hi guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my pc - I'm not sure what to get though. Here's my specs:

2 x 512 MB RAM (2700)
1 x 256 MB RAM (2700)
1 x Leadtek Geforce 6600GT (AGP)
1 x 80GB Samsung IDE HDD
2 x DVD drive
1 x A7v8x-x Motherboard
1 x AMD Athlon 2400+ 2.0GHz
1 x 500w PSU

What do you think I should get for between £150-250? I was thinking of getting a new MoBo and getting the AMD Athlon 64 3700+ but I've been reading about the Dual Core ones and apparently they're worth the extra but it's quite expensive. Would it be worth upgrading to this or stick with the single core?

For a MoBo I was thinking of getting this:

Asrock 939 DUAL-SATA2 (939) ULIM1695 Dual core +8x AGP PCI-E SATA2 RAID +LAN +USB2.0 +8 ch. Audio ATX

It supports my graphics card and gives option for PCI-E graphics card when I upgrade.

Any ideas of what I should get guys? Anything else I should upgrade like case (I've got a crappy case with bog standard stuff)?



  alansmith 16:37 01 May 06

Oh btw, I'm into gaming so CounterStrike Source is a game I play alot. I'm thinking of getting Battlefront 2 as well.

One more point, I seem to get jerks running in CS:Source at the mo - I figured my CPU is bottlenecking - could it be anything else - like incompatibility with my MoBo?

  alansmith 16:46 01 May 06

I've heard getting an AMD Opteron and overclocking is a great way to get faster CPU - my memory is 2700 speed. Does anyone whether I could get an Opteron and suggest a good MoBo?

Sorry for excessive posts - just reading up at the mo.

  mike1967 16:51 01 May 06

Battlefield will run on the pc with no problems at all im my view

  alansmith 16:52 01 May 06

Reckon? I hope so but CS:Source doesn't run well at the mo - I just need to figure out to how to spend £200 on sorting my PC out. Any ideas?

  DrScott 15:25 02 May 06

I'd say upgrading the CPU and upgrading the RAM might be a good idea - your RAM is PC2700 (DDR?!), and for an athlon CPU PC3200 DDR RAM is worthwhile, unless your overclocking in which case faster RAM would be best.

Of course your current motherboard is a bit of limiting factor, as it's only supposed to take up to PC2700 RAM, though click here suggests it will cope with 2 sticks of PC3200. It also won't take a socket 939 CPU, but you're choice of new mobo isn't unreasonale.

Actually, rather than buy a dual core chip, overclocking your CPU now and buying faster RAM is probably the cheapest and most efficient use of your money, especially as your thinking of buying a new CPU later. click here and click here have good sections in the forums on how to overclock. You'd most likely need a new fan to, and at £17 the Artic Freezer Pro 64 is a good buy. Furthermore you could use this heatsink and fan on future socket 939 CPUs, though I doubt there will be too many after the X2 CPUs.

AMD are bringing out AM2 chips and motherboards later this year, so the price of the socket 939 X2 CPUs and their motherboards should come down. So I'd try overclocking since you don't really have anything to lose (as your planning for a new mobo and CPU) and wait for a few months for the X2 CPUs to come down in price.

  DrScott 15:33 02 May 06

Of course, for games the main limiting factor is usually the graphics card - a PCI-express motherboard and a NVIDIA 7600GT would certainly help you along too in gaming.

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