New all in one printer

  exdragon 14 Jun 12

Hi - having spent most of the day trying to get my Epson SX600FW to scan more than two pages into Paperport, I'm ready to call it a day.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an all in one? Canon and Kodak don't get the best write ups, and although the SX600 has been excellent, I wouldn't mind trying something else. Especially as it won't print yellow, as I didn't remove the tape from the cartridge last time I installed it.

I don't need it for photographs etc as I have the Epson R2880.

Of course, someone may have the answer to my scanning problem, with a bit of luck. The print function is fine, it's just the scanning side of things, and as I scan every scrap of paper into Paperport, it's a pretty essential tool.

  chub_tor 14 Jun 12

How about this HP OfficeJet

  exdragon 14 Jun 12

Thanks - I'll add it to the think list! It's a better price than a new SX600, which is £149. I got it half price, so it was a bargain.

  interzone55 14 Jun 12

Try the SX535WD, I've got one and it's excellent

I've had HP & Kodak for the last few years and I've been repeatedly disappointed and frustrated by them

  tigertop2 15 Jun 12

I see that the Kodak Hero 5.1 gets repeated good reports, is cheap to run, has duplex and wireless capability and is available for about £70, Local friends bought one and swear by it

  john bunyan 15 Jun 12

A bit dearer but I find Canon very good for photo printing. There are cheaper ones on their website. Canon MG6250

  morddwyd 15 Jun 12

Got rid of HP and Brother and just got an Epson (for A3 and ADF, plus a Canon for photos)!

I suppose you have to go with what you find.

HP produce some fine printers, but the software is rubbish. That's why I dumped the eventually, after more than ten years and four printers.

Just a small clutch at a straw for your scanning problem.

Many all in ones are flaky when scanning wirelessly.

If you haven't tried it hard wired give it a whirl.

  exdragon 15 Jun 12

Thanks for the suggestions. A must-have is an ADF, which rules out some models. I've just got the BX305FW from Argos (£60) but one of the reviews says you can't scan diretly from the printer to the scanner. Don't quite understand this, but as that's what I want to do, I think it will be going back tomorrow without opening the box!

As far scanning goes, it's connected by a cable as it's about a foot away from the computer. The thing is that I'm not sure if it's a printer problem or a PaperPort one.

  morddwyd 16 Jun 12

Never used Paperport, though I've had it bundled.

I usually scan straight into Word, using "Insert image from scanner".

This presupposes you have Word of course, and is expensive on storage space, but I have an big old redundant hard drive in an external case just for docs.

  exdragon 16 Jun 12

I must confess to loving PaperPort and it contains my life for the past 10 years. I won't be beaten by this!

  spuds 16 Jun 12

Perhaps not going to help you with the PaperPort issue, but I have a range of multifunction printer's, including a HP OfficeJet which must be nearly 14 years old (possibly older) and still working well.

HP support isn't as good as it was, but that possibly just my opinion over a recent problem?.

My recent purchases have been WiFi Canon (Argos) and HP (Staples) printer's, because they were very cheap on special offer. But have you considered Brother, because I have a DCP-135C that seems to tick all the boxes ( It came with a 1 year warranty, but on registration Brother added 2 more years for free).


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