New £100- memory improvement game station?

  erauser 20:50 31 Oct 06

Have recently seen articles refering to a new game station (?) costing around £100-, which has proved a big hit in Japan for helping to sharpen your memory. Does anyone know what it is called and have any comments on it?


  citadel 15:24 01 Nov 06

there is nintendo brain training, don't know if that's the one.

  FreeCell 17:05 01 Nov 06

click here

Runs on Nintendo DS.

  sean-278262 17:57 01 Nov 06

Tried it myself I didnt like it. The game felt very 5+ in the style.

There are other cheaper ways to sharpen your mind. Simple things like soduku and other similar challenges to get your brain working will do the trick.

  sean-278262 18:10 01 Nov 06

That is not to say by the way that it doesnt work. I only tried it out but I dont see a reason to pay several hundred pounds when there are plenty of other options.

Things such as the freebee psychometric testing set and the IQ test software in PCA last year would do a similar level of work. It isnt the actual tests that are making your memory work better it is the fact that you are using your brain for more than just sitting about. Even tasks such as simply spending times duscussing things on forums would get your brain working. An in depth discussion will get your langauge skills, memory and concentration up above normal.

Really just try things and see how they do.

  FreeCell 18:36 01 Nov 06

click here

Best price for Nintendo ds games machine (Unless someone else can find one cheaper?)

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