network storage

  Kate B 11:50 27 Jul 07

Anyone got any specific recommendations for a networked hard drive? I want to stick my iTunes library on a networked drive so that I can access it either via the PC or the Mac (don't have to be able to write to the drive from the Mac, just read from it) so that I can stream music from either machine - ie from the laptop out in the garden.

  The Brigadier 11:57 27 Jul 07

Maplin seem to do good storaga at the moment.
Are you after a wireless connection or just a very big hard drive to store eveything on?

  stylehurst 13:56 27 Jul 07

I've used the Freecom device for quite a while without any problems.

  Kate B 18:09 27 Jul 07

I'm after an NAS drive, Brigadier - thanks for the tip about Maplin, I'll have a look there. And thanks for the Freecom suggestion, stylehurst.

  wint 20:08 27 Jul 07

I have had a Netgear SC101 for about a year. It is attached to my network and, with the supplied "SmartSyncPro" backup software, works very well.

It does utilize it's own disc format (SFS) but appears in "My Computer" as additional drive or drives, so as well as manual or automatic backups, you can drag & drop and (if you choose to) access files from any PC in your network.

The SC101 doesn't come with any (IDE) drives so you buy your own choice & size.

Have a look: click here

  wjrt 20:32 27 Jul 07
  stylehurst 13:15 28 Jul 07

Kate B

The reason I suggested the Freecom device is that although it is a NAS device, it also has a USB socket so can be used in that way instead of a NAS device. This USB facility has saved me on one or two occasions when I couldn't use the NAS facility

  reddwarfcrew 16:01 29 Jul 07

I'm looking at the buffalo:

click here

  Kate B 18:01 29 Jul 07

Thanks for that - I've gone for the 320GB version.

  Kate B 22:33 31 Jul 07

Update: the drive has arrived and it's all working like a dream. I now have my iTunes music folder on the networked drive and both the PC and the Mac look to that folder when I run iTunes, so I can now stream music to the sitting-room speakers via either computer from the shared folder.


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