Netbook with HDMI?

  fozy 01:02 13 Dec 10

My 15 inch laptop is now 6 years old and needs to be replaced (40gb). My lifestyle is very much travelling at the moment and for the whole of next year and part of 2012 i will be on the road.

Therefor i want to purchase a netbook which will suit my lifestyle and will no doubt be better than my current laptop.

Here's my problem, when at home i would like to connect it to my TV, not to watch films or gaming just for browzing the internet and simple WORD/EXCELL documents. Though watching a movie from an exturnal hard drive would be a bonus i suppose but not essential.

Do i need to get a Netbook with a HDMI socket or will the VGA do? HDMI is hard to find on a Netbook and i don't know if i am sacrificing quality in the search for a HDMI.

Will VGA still put a good quality picture on my TV?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  tullie 07:03 13 Dec 10

I have a HDMI connection on my netbook,dont know if they all have,i am assuming so.

A VGA connection will still give a good display - it's only in the last few years that DVI and HDMI have really started to take off, yet PCs have always managed to give a good picture with the humble VGA output.

The main advantages of HDMI, aside from the improved picture quality, is that it's a much less bulkier cable, and can also carry sound. So if you can find a netbook that has one then great, but if not then it's it not such a big deal.

  fozy 18:49 13 Dec 10

So if i just got one with VGA would i have to get a seperate cable for the sound as well?

  fozy 18:50 13 Dec 10

Tullie what netbook have you got and would you recommend it?

If you want the sound to play through then TV's speakers then yes, or alternatively you could just let the sound play through the Netbook's speakers.

  Woolwell 22:20 13 Dec 10

Depends on your budget but I would have thought that a lightweight laptop would be better.

  fozy 23:25 13 Dec 10

I was close to getting a ultra portable laptop. but even the really small ones are quite a bit bigger than the netbooks and space is a premium for me.

I am in the Army and will be training next year for Afhganistan so will be on the move alot and i like the idea that i can slip a netbook into my daysack, without barely noticing it. Add a hard drive full of films and i'm laughing. Thats the idea anyway.

And if it gets damaged in Afhganistan then £200-£300 is easier to swollow than £500+.

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