Need new PC - can I still get XP?

  MontySchnitzel 18:21 02 Feb 09

Sure this has been asked before, but getting nowhere myself, so asking for help! Sorry!

Basically need a new PC, don't want Vista!

Does anyone still do XP? Ideally looking for sub £500 and even more ideally, Buy Now Pay 2010!

Any suggestions appreciated!

  wjrt 19:13 02 Feb 09
  Joe R 19:16 02 Feb 09

Don't know whether credit is available, but there are plenty systems still doing the rounds.

click here

click here

  GaT7 19:33 02 Feb 09

What's the PC going to be used for? Any gaming? If yes, what games please?

Does the budget incl/excl a monitor? G

  iscanut 21:37 02 Feb 09

Cougar Extreme click here will still supply Win XP Home..not sure that they do credit terms though !

  MontySchnitzel 07:56 03 Feb 09

No particular interest/need for gaming, need a monitor in price

Don't Dell do XP any more?!

  interzone55 09:11 03 Feb 09

Many suppliers will provide an XP Pro downgrade, you will need to purchase a system with Vista Business or Ultimate to qualify due to MS licensing restrictions

You may need to go for a business type PC to get this kind of offer though. I know Dell do the downgrades on their Vostro and Optiplex series...

  ventanas 10:04 03 Feb 09

Microsoft banned the sale of XP with new machines at the end of last June. They can still be bought with a downgrade license for business use (as alan14 says), but not for personal.
You will probably need to show it is to be used for business purposes, that is have a business account with the likes of Dell.
But, must ask the obvious question, why the heck do you want XP? It's history now, and Vista leaves it standing in all areas.

Ihave tried Vista Home & Ultimate not a problem but 64 bit ultimate needs a lot of questions asking to varies software suppliers Compatability?
All the Vista systems work OK for home & gaming use
XP will be totally lost next year maybe the credit crunch will keep it going this year

  iscanut 12:32 03 Feb 09

Microsoft have not banned anything. Of course you can still get home computers with XP installed. Cougar and Novatech are 2 such cases !

  MAJ 13:00 03 Feb 09

"and Vista leaves it standing in all areas."

Keep taking the tablets, ventanas.

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