Need Help With What To Buy Nxt

  bakerboy79 18:38 26 Jun 06

Ive just preordered the Intel Core 2 DUO Extreme Edition X6800 but am alittle unsure on what else to buy. ive got a budget of around £2000 after the cpu and case, any ideas would be really helpful

  dagbladet 20:04 26 Jun 06

2nd hand car?

  bakerboy79 20:38 26 Jun 06

lol really had my heart set on a top spec desktop

  DieSse 20:50 26 Jun 06

Make sure you get a really good quality quiet PSU - it's often neglected, and will repay you well.

Also choose a really good heatsink - then you can have also a nice quiet slow revving fan for it.

I recently had the (quite new) fan fail on my new heatsink - it's running fine without a fan - a P4 2.4GHz, not cutting edge - but my room temp is 27.5º at the moment, and the processor is at 48º with just the heatsink and no fan.

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