Need another Homeplug

  Graham. 23:36 27 Jan 11

I have bought a pair from Argos to access BBCiPlayer in the Orangery click here

It works so well I would like another for the Lounge TV, but where can I buy one?

  Muergo 23:43 27 Jan 11

Maplin sell single Devolos, should be same frequency but you can take it back if it doesn't work.

  Graham. 10:09 28 Jan 11

I've bid on one off eBay click here

It says refurbished and has continental plug with UK adaptor, but if it works...

  The Kestrel 12:58 28 Jan 11

Ebuyer do a range of homeplugs click here

  Tim1964 23:00 28 Jan 11

£90 for a pair of 200mbps................Ouch!!

Ebuyer, as suggested above.

  Graham. 23:38 31 Jan 11

The seller has opened a case to cancel the transaction, no reason given. My Paypal payment has been refunded.

The seller still has the same items listed. My eBay rating is excellent.

I have declined the cancellation. I have requested a reason for the cancellation, it is very puzzling.

  The Kestrel 09:39 01 Feb 11

Graham, it could be simply that the seller didn't obtain the price he wanted and is using the cancellation as a way out. I know it shouldn't happen but sellers can get away with it!

Why not cut your losses and get an adapter for a lower price with this Belkin on special offer at Ebuyer click here

  Graham. 10:05 01 Feb 11

You could be right. Here are the items click here

I bid £34.99, won the item and paid for it. If he is risking his ratings for the sake of a fiver more fool him. If he does this regularly, eBay should take action. Why didn't he simply refuse my bid?

  Graham. 10:34 01 Feb 11

He's got loads of negative feedback, one interestingly uses the phrase 'False Auction' click here

  Graham. 10:58 01 Feb 11

Thanks for Ebuyer link, it uses the same encryption as Netgear. I'll let the dust settle on eBay then buy one of those.

  Graham. 12:22 01 Feb 11

I've ordered one from Ebuyer. Good price, but their delivery charges are quite steep.

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