Need a AMD PC Supplier

  c.burkill 15 Aug 11

I'm in the market for a new PC. I'm a graphic designer, so need a fair bit of power and ram. Haven't got a huge budget (£500 to £1k, preferably closer to the £500). I'm only after a base unit, nothing else. My current PC is a custom built AMD unit (was top of the range four years ago!).

I haven't been happy with the custom build, the thing has never seemed happy in it's own skin and want to go down the big brand route this time (dell, HP).

I always try and buy AMD, but I can't seem to find a brand name supplying machines with fast AMD chips in. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good AMD PC?

First time here, great site! Any help appreciated.



  spuds 15 Aug 11

There are quite a number of manufacturers that use AMD, and retailers that stock both AMD and Intel. You could try http;// for a start.

  iscanut2 15 Aug 11

Have a look at Cougar

  Covergirl 16 Aug 11

Hmmm . . . quite right. Currys highest priced AMD is about £300 while Comets top offering comes in at £499 for a AMD x4.

I agree with you about the custom build route. I did the same in 2001 and followed that up with an Acer off-the-shelf box in 2008-ish. It does everything I want, without all the bells and whistles hyped onto us by (what I would call) the "PC Review Industry".

Best of luck with your search and let us know what you eventually settled for (manufacturer, specs, price etc.).

  The Kestrel 16 Aug 11

I would have thought either of the two PCs, links below, would cover all your requirements.

  HondaMan 16 Aug 11

Go to Novatech as suggested. You should be able to get exactly what you want


  smurf46 18 Aug 11

Maybe a bit late to the party here but still, you want an AMD powerhouse try this link text

Plenty of multi tasking cpu cores, lots of ram and 2 hard drives (one for system/programs and one for data/scratch drive)

Depending on your software I would maybe change the ATI/AMD graphics card for an Nvidia with CUDA Technology.

They may not be Dell/HP but they do some nice systems link text

They also have some topend customers link text

Give them a call I'm sure they would tweek that system to suit your needs :)

Hope this helps.


  c.burkill 18 Aug 11

Thanks for all your help people. Everyones suggestions have been great and given me some real options to mull over. I haven't made any decisions yet, I'll let you know what I go for in the end.

Theirs a lot of 6 core systems, but I don't think adobe creative suite software is very good at utilising multiple cores. So would buying a 6 core system be an error?

Thanks again!

  spuds 18 Aug 11

I am not plugging solely for Novatech, because I have no interest in that company only as a previous customer. But Novatech and all the other companies mentioned do have product support and advice available, so it might pay to put your 6 core question to them. If on their advice you decide to go ahead with a purchase, then you would have stronger grounds for a rejection if the purchase or product recommended didn't turn out to your expectations.


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