Need a AMD PC Supplier

  c.burkill 13:27 15 Aug 11

I'm in the market for a new PC. I'm a graphic designer, so need a fair bit of power and ram. Haven't got a huge budget (£500 to £1k, preferably closer to the £500). I'm only after a base unit, nothing else. My current PC is a custom built AMD unit (was top of the range four years ago!).

I haven't been happy with the custom build, the thing has never seemed happy in it's own skin and want to go down the big brand route this time (dell, HP).

I always try and buy AMD, but I can't seem to find a brand name supplying machines with fast AMD chips in. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good AMD PC?

First time here, great site! Any help appreciated.



  spuds 15:29 15 Aug 11

There are quite a number of manufacturers that use AMD, and retailers that stock both AMD and Intel. You could try http;// for a start.

  iscanut 16:19 15 Aug 11

Have a look at Cougar

  Covergirl 01:57 16 Aug 11

Hmmm . . . quite right. Currys highest priced AMD is about £300 while Comets top offering comes in at £499 for a AMD x4.

I agree with you about the custom build route. I did the same in 2001 and followed that up with an Acer off-the-shelf box in 2008-ish. It does everything I want, without all the bells and whistles hyped onto us by (what I would call) the "PC Review Industry".

Best of luck with your search and let us know what you eventually settled for (manufacturer, specs, price etc.).

  The Kestrel 09:40 16 Aug 11

I would have thought either of the two PCs, links below, would cover all your requirements.

  HondaMan 13:08 16 Aug 11

Go to Novatech as suggested. You should be able to get exactly what you want


  smurf46 05:05 18 Aug 11

Maybe a bit late to the party here but still, you want an AMD powerhouse try this link text

Plenty of multi tasking cpu cores, lots of ram and 2 hard drives (one for system/programs and one for data/scratch drive)

Depending on your software I would maybe change the ATI/AMD graphics card for an Nvidia with CUDA Technology.

They may not be Dell/HP but they do some nice systems link text

They also have some topend customers link text

Give them a call I'm sure they would tweek that system to suit your needs :)

Hope this helps.


  c.burkill 07:41 18 Aug 11

Thanks for all your help people. Everyones suggestions have been great and given me some real options to mull over. I haven't made any decisions yet, I'll let you know what I go for in the end.

Theirs a lot of 6 core systems, but I don't think adobe creative suite software is very good at utilising multiple cores. So would buying a 6 core system be an error?

Thanks again!

  spuds 11:38 18 Aug 11

I am not plugging solely for Novatech, because I have no interest in that company only as a previous customer. But Novatech and all the other companies mentioned do have product support and advice available, so it might pay to put your 6 core question to them. If on their advice you decide to go ahead with a purchase, then you would have stronger grounds for a rejection if the purchase or product recommended didn't turn out to your expectations.

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