Need A3 Laminaters

  carver 15 Jan 12

Any body got any suggestions as to a reliable A3 laminater for home use, up to now had 2 Fellowes Saturn A3 Laminators and not had much luck, first lasted about 12 pouches and second one managed 3 before dying and sounding like a washing machine with bearing failure.

So has any body got any suggestions for a decent laminater in the £100 bracket give or take £30.

Only I am getting a real ear bashing from the wife to buy a reliable laminater she can use.

  wiz-king 15 Jan 12

Did you use the sleeves? I have had years of use from ours but our London office have got through three in a year by not using the thermal sleeves and gumming up the rollers.

  carver 15 Jan 12

I reckon that even with out the sleeves the fist one should have done more than 6 without jamming and that after 12 it jammed so much you couldn't even get the document out.

Second one 3?

And they were put in square to the machine.

  chub_tor 15 Jan 12

We have used one similar to this from Viking Direct in our nursery school for years and had no trouble BUT we insist that staff always put the pouches in sleeves.


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