Nectar points anyone?

  Bald Eagle 09:23 24 Feb 11

I'm with BG for gas & electric and have been offered a chance of accruing Nectar points for various things I've agreed to, ie paperless billing, read the meter myself etc.

However, I see that I get a WHOPPING 1800 points a year which for example I can spend at Argos for £7.50! Is it worth the hassle?

I see I have to wait up to 2 weeks for a welcome pack from Nectar and I have to fill in a form and return it to them. YAWN!!!!


  anchor 09:34 24 Feb 11

What hassle?. I already had a Nectar card, and previously agreed to direct debit, etc. It only took a simple call to British Gas to register the card against my account.

Anything off is better than nothing.

  Bald Eagle 09:58 24 Feb 11

The hassle is that I now have to fill in a form for Nectar and for only £7.50 a year from BG. My wife was talked into one at Selby HomeBase and it only works there, presented it at Selby Sainsbury's and it won't work. As I said YAWN!!!

  Terry Brown 10:01 24 Feb 11

I bet you never enter competitions or raffles either- too much hassle.


  Ford Prefect 01 10:22 24 Feb 11

Register your wife's nectar card with BG.

  Ford Prefect 01 10:24 24 Feb 11

Sorry posted before I finished.

If you register it with BG then it will probably work at the other outlets.

  spuds 11:20 24 Feb 11

I find that my Nectar card works in all Nectar card outlets, and as never been refused yet. The only problem is on occasions, I forget to hand the card to the checkouts.

My last years Nectar points managed to get me some very nice goodies from Argos, a bonus in itself I suppose?.

Its surprising how all these Tesco, John Lewis, Nectar cards etc can provide a nice little earner the end of the year, and in my case it isn't just £7.50.

  wiz-king 11:35 24 Feb 11

I will file them with my green sheild stamp book.

  tullie 11:43 24 Feb 11

You dont need to fill out any forms to send off,do it online,your Nectar card is valid for all participating outlets.It will take you all of two minutes to register.Its not a hassle.

  Lio 13:19 24 Feb 11

Once you have a nectar card, you can accrue points from hundreds of online sellers as well as bricks and mortar outlets, such as Amazon, ebay etc. you'll be surprised!(just go to the nectar website to see the full list)
We tend to save our points up for xmas and generally get about £100 off our grocery bill at Sainsbury's

  jakimo 13:20 24 Feb 11

Nectar loyalty cards are apparently very popular,but don't having a collection of different cards defeat the loyalty aspect. Of course its a matter of opinion if a 1% Nectar reward (spend £250 and get £2.50 worth of goods,not cash)is a good discount or not, better the goods were sold for less in the first place?.
There a numerous complaints on the the Internet of peoples Nectar points disappearing into the ether without a satisfactory explanation as to why

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