NEC Mitsubishi - Excellent Service

  gardener 19:53 24 Nov 06

I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB monitor,you know, one of the huge CRT things.I fell in love with it the minute I switched it on.

Unfortunately,nearly three years later it started behaving oddly so I rang NEC Mitsubishi service dept. expecting to be waiting for half an hour before being fobbed off as seems to be the norm.

Well,I was connected to a human straight away and the whole process took around two minutes.Packaging for the monitor arrived as promised and the whole repair job was turned over in two days.I am sat now with my beloved monitor (fixed) typing this.

So,NEC Mitsubishi you have gained a loyal customer.

  wags 09:30 25 Nov 06

Yes. Quite agree this is a quality company. I have the very same monitor, which was swapped with a replacement within 24 hours when it failed after 2 years use.

As a side-note,I remember saying at the time that it is a pity the monitor is now discontinued, with the emphasis now being on LCD. The helpful lady I spoke to at Mitsubishi agreed!

  freaky 11:19 25 Nov 06

Big company Mitsubishi make some nice cars too i.e. The Evo !

During World War 2 they designed and built the Japanese Zero Fighter Plane, at the time it was way ahead of anything the USA had.

  gardener 11:55 25 Nov 06

Wags,it really is a superb monitor,I have never seen a clearer,crisper display.I have been toying with the idea of buying a TFT,but every time I switch the Mitsubishi on I think "Hell,why bother?" I wonder if their TFTs are as good,I've never actually seen one.

freaky,remember Pearl Harbor?

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