nec dvdrewriter

  2020 22:45 18 Feb 04

right, i'm not the sharpest drive on the block, but i've seen a nec 1100a for £15, looked at DVDHELP and read loads which has left me no wiser, but in it all some stated that this drive could be modifed to a dual i right?
now how do i do that? and is it all worthwhile if ur a bit of a novice?

  byfordr 22:51 18 Feb 04

Where did you see it for £15?!

If I remember correctly I don't think this one has any official flash, there may be something if you have a dig around on the internet.

  2020 23:12 18 Feb 04

it was on ebay, mind you there were cavaets as to its functions but as i don't have a dvd rom and my cd rom is a bit groggy i thought it would be ok?
bty thanks...thou i don't know what flash means :(

  Hyperangelic 11:14 20 Feb 04

Originally when NEC brought out the 1100 there was talk of it being upgradeable to dual, but I have a feeling that it didn't work out that way. But... it's a really good deal for £15!

It's a good machine, with good support from NEC...even though it's not dual, I'd buy it.

  tomleady 11:44 20 Feb 04


you owe it to yourself to at least try it out!

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