Nat West

  HondaMan 07:58 20 May 08

Seems there is a new phishing attempt, I've just had six emails asking me to confirm my banking details. That's bad enough, but I don't even bank with them!

  peter99co 10:00 20 May 08

Install Mailwasher if you have not already. It lets you see them before download.

  spuds 13:10 20 May 08

Not just Nat West lately. I seem to be getting a large increase in emails from all over the place, insisting that I check all my accounts for security reasons.I usually like the bit about suspending my account if I don't.

If elephants could only fly :O)

  sean-278262 13:46 20 May 08

Sorry I will get back to you guys in a minute... just filling in this form about my details at

w w w 1.nat_west . com / scam

I cant wait for the day that email providers make it compulsory that a splash screen come up to ask the user is this or is this not where you should be going and then list some options based on keywords from the email as to where it should likely be going.

  jack 14:25 20 May 08

Banks don't send E-mails

But then I guess the spammers are relying on those that are not aware.

  pj123 14:42 20 May 08

jack, oh yes they do.

I have just had an email from my bank telling me about a change of interest rate on my savings account.

It was addressed to me by name and it also quoted the last four digits of my account.

They did not ask for any details at all though.

I rang them to check and yes, it was a genuine email.

  spuds 14:52 20 May 08

My main bank asks if you want a reply by phone,mail or email.

But I suppose that they would draw a line on certain communications if it involved security and client trust.

  Stuartli 15:05 20 May 08

Not quite true, at least in the case of the Halifax..:-)

But at least I'm able to immediately ascertain that it's a genuine e-mail.

By the way, I may not be bothering posting much in the future in these forums - I'll be too busy spending the £10.6m that apparently is all mine and for which I only have to give the nod, according to an e-mail received yesterday...:-)

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