Mysterious call on my mobile

  VNAM75 11:45 03 Mar 06

I received a missed call today on my mobile phone today. The number was 001872267... I very much doubted this was a UK number so I did a search on the net and got results for Hotels etc in Rome, Italy.

This is very strange as I do not know anyone, ever been to, or bought anything from Italy. What are the possible reasons/ways I could of got this call and was it from Italy?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:00 03 Mar 06

Likely a mis-dialled number by someone.

Ignore it is my advice.

  spuds 12:02 03 Mar 06

Possibly a number of reasons. Marketing, mis-dial or worst still a scam of some sort.

If my information is correct numbers starting in 00187 are located in the Caribbean area.

You missed the call,so don't worry about it unless you get the same call on a regular basis, then take the problem up with your service provider.Would advice that if the number appears on your mobile screen, do not make a connection, just cancel the call.

  rmcqua 12:12 03 Mar 06

Not ure where you got Italy from, the country code for Italy is +39
00 1 872 is the state of Illinois, USA. Do you know anyone in Chicago?

  VNAM75 13:05 03 Mar 06

I thought it may have been a marketing scam. But I was getting too curious (for my own good!) about who/what it may be.

rmcpua, I got Italy by searching on 00187

click here

Looking at this now, I dont think 00187 is referring to a phone number. I definitely dont know anyone one in the caribbean but have relatives in US but have not given my mobile number to them. So, ?????

  vinnyT 13:08 03 Mar 06

Just delete, if it's important they'll get back to you.

  VNAM75 13:17 03 Mar 06

And do I answer it if they do? :-)

  medicine hat 13:36 03 Mar 06

It would solve the mystery if you did answer it

  Al94 13:46 03 Mar 06

Silvio Berlusconi offering to pay off your mortgage???

  vinnyT 13:51 03 Mar 06

The choice is yours.

  Carbonara 15:40 03 Mar 06

That 00187 is a POSTAL code in Rome.

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