Razza14 20:46 03 Feb 08

I am going to buy a computer with the following spec:

4GB Memory
Ati Radeon HD 2400 Graphics Card
Inter Core 2 Duo 4600 2.4 Ghz
160GB Hard Drive

Would this be suitable for the latest games e.g Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Flight Simulator X

  MAT ALAN 20:52 03 Feb 08

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Not with that VGA card..

my advice, only buy 3gigs of memory ( your PC will not see it all) spend money on better card..

PSU, you don't say how big 5/600watt+ to run high end graphics cards..

  MAT ALAN 20:57 03 Feb 08

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forgot link, this may help..

  Bonafide 21:12 03 Feb 08

I would also advise a bigger hard drive. 160GB gets eaten up a lot quicker than I assume you would imagine.

  citadel 22:26 03 Feb 08

something with a 8800gt and a bigger hard drive as new games use about 7 to 10gb each, crysis uses 12gb if you want a ati card 3850 or 3870.

  Razza14 07:28 04 Feb 08

Ok, thanks for the replies. What is the best card i could get for £80?

  lisa02 08:58 04 Feb 08

8600GTS with 256mb

or 8600GT with 512mb

GTS is faster but I don't know which would be better. That is would the GT benefit from the extra 256mb of memory.

  lisa02 09:00 04 Feb 08

Amazon UK

  dagwoood 09:48 04 Feb 08

In the £80 price range, the x1950Pro would be your best bet. Bare in mind you need a decent PSU to run one.

  Gamer555 16:55 04 Feb 08

The 8600 graphics cards are not up to playing games IMO! Stay clear of them.

For £25 more than your budget you can get a ATI HD3850 256mb which is a great card for the price. You may find one on e-bay cheap aswell. This card can play all the latest games a reasonably high settings.

Like dagwood says, you need a powerful PSU, 500w +.

Larger Hard drive may be wanted aswell.

Where are you getting this PC from? Because 4gigs of RAM is overkill when it comes with a ATI 2400, Core 2 Duo 4600 and a 160gb HD!

  Razza14 18:15 04 Feb 08

I have reviewed my pc thoughts and am probaly going to buy the following:

AMD Athlon X2 4800 (2.5Ghz)
Asus M2N Motherboard
160 GB Hard Drive
2GB DDR 2 Ram
ATi 2400+ Pro 256 MB Graphics Card

Not bad i think for the price i am getting it for, yeh i know the graphics card is rubbish but will do untill i can afford a decent one.

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