My new eeepc

  Jimmy14 12:23 19 Jan 08

Just got a black 4GB eeepc delivered today and I must say it is excellent. My primary computer is my new iMac I got in December 2007 but I bought the eeepc to travel for basic internet usage and the odd video. There is no where in the UK that has the 4GB models in stock but I got it from ebay brand new. Anyone else got one and what do you think? I think it is a bargain for the money.

  iscanut 13:09 19 Jan 08

4Gb models in stock on Amazon.

click here

  dms05 12:19 20 Jan 08

2GB model on Ebuyer for under £190 delivered which is £100 cheaper than Amazon click here and you can upgrade that to 4GB, with an SD card, for a few pounds.

  Jimmy14 15:28 20 Jan 08

I think the 2Gb model lacks the built in webcam.

  iscanut 20:36 20 Jan 08

I have had a look at the specs and screen shots, but cannot see any reference to a CD/DVD device. Does this have one and if not, how does one install software on it ?

  DieSse 16:17 21 Jan 08

" does one install software on it ?"

By download. You'll get used to the fact that the majority of Linux software is via download - as it's nearly all FREE.

  iscanut 17:04 21 Jan 08

Microsoft Office..a large download ?? What if one has a CD to install from. Not everything comes as a download. I assume that if no optical drive, one will need to buy a USB CD/DVD unit ?

  interzone55 17:29 21 Jan 08

As it doesn't come burdened with Windows you are not going to install MS Office on it.

Most Linux users go with Open Office which is about a 200mb download and is almost fully MS Office compatible. I'd be surprised if the EeePc didn't come with OpenOffice already installed

  Zurdo 19:20 21 Jan 08

See the review here click here
It has OpenOffice and Firefox 2 etc. already pre-installed.

  Totally-braindead 19:25 21 Jan 08

Whats an iMac?

Sorry couldn't resist Jimmy14.

  anskyber 19:31 21 Jan 08

Whats an iMac?

I think it's a raincoat for IT specialists?

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