My new antispyware tool --- too good !

  bob111 07:34 13 Jun 07

After surfing all around the web finally i got a free antispyware program, his name is , it removed all my adware in my pc and i didnt pay a bloody nothing, 100% Free!! cool stuff..before i used to download all those software advertised in google that they say free download but it's just bull*!@:, had to pay to remove the spyware, but not with Spywarebomb, probably they are building a brand and wanna keep it free for now, good for us!!!

  The Kestrel 08:20 13 Jun 07

There are many very effective free software programs available, firewalls and antivirus, as well as antispyware. click here for a list of those available.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:39 13 Jun 07

A very cynical person would say that because of the wording, this is a half-hearted attempt at publicity.


  beynac 09:29 13 Jun 07

I've read something about this program, but can't find the article. Let's just say that it's not on my recommended list!! ;)

  spuds 11:00 13 Jun 07

Eventually people are going to install that many 'too good' free downloads, that the computer's will get confused, and have a nervous breakdown.

As an experiment ( I love experimenting), the other day I downloaded two anti programme's from the same company. One was a 'free personal' version, and the other was a paid Professional 'better' version. Testing both programmes, I tried the Pro version, and cleared all 'the problems'. I then ran the 'free' version, expecting a clean machine. Same problems appeared and I was asked if I wanted to remove the problems. I wonder why :O(

  beynac 11:24 13 Jun 07

An even more cynical person would say it's spam!

  I am Spartacus 11:32 13 Jun 07

An even, even more cynical person would do a disk image and then install it. Every item it flagged up was an entry in the Hosts file.

Clever that. It looks through the Hosts that lists all the blocked sites and then flags them up as being at risk.

  beynac 11:40 13 Jun 07

LOL - nice one! However, I think that you are over-estimating their ability. It is far more likely just to be bad design and programming (look for anything that mentions a 'bad' site).

BTW I remembered where I had seen this before. Another forum had a very similar post from someone called "mac" who appears to be in India, presumably working with "bob111" spamming forums.

  Input Overload 12:30 13 Jun 07

It's actuallly $18.95 if you want to remove anthing with it, not free, now if I had a bargepole...

  MichelleC 14:50 13 Jun 07

I've found Panda and kaspersky online scans pick up things which aren't really there as a marketing ploy.

It's naughty really.

  GaT7 16:35 13 Jun 07

As suspected Spywarebomb is a rogue antispyware program - click here.

Spyware Warrior's list click here needs updating.

Whois domain info - click here & click here. G

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