mutimedia drive

  JACC 17:46 13 May 09

I would like to watch the movies i have on the pc on my tv,as a form of backup i would like to transfer them to a multimedia drive which would then plug into the tv , Could you point me in the right direction as to what i should be looking for.

  curofone 18:33 13 May 09

something like this maybe click here ? you woulld also need an external hard drive to go with dont forget

  curofone 18:41 13 May 09

you could also try click here and click here if you want to cut out the middle man.

  AL47 19:43 13 May 09

i looking at something like this, the WD one looks excellent, h.264 codec supported, plus you can connect any hdd to it, good topic

  JACC 17:09 14 May 09

Thankyou curofone, you were right on the button there . WD looking good .

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