Multivision - joke customer service

  Cuzza 14:37 18 Oct 03

I recently bought a laptop from the above. After ordering it I rang to change my order. When it arrived my original order was in the box. Well I needed the machine that weekend for work so although they offered to take it back and replace it with the one I wanted I would have to wait another week ontop of the 3 I had already waited. So I ended up with a laptop that was £140 more expensive had a 1 year warranty as opposed to a 2 year one and a shorter battery life.

When I complained they said it was my fault for not chasing up an new order number. I assumed that I would keep the same number just my details changed.

When I emailed my complaint the reply was very condecending. Their technical support also seems a joke I emailed on one issue 4 days agao I am still waiting for a reply.

Steer clear.

  sdf 16:17 18 Oct 03

i have a similar story click here it took them a week and a half to get back to me regarding the RAM. They then didnt believe me and insisted I sent the unit back to them. a week after that it came back to me with 512mb in

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