STEPHEN-254894 20:13 09 Feb 03

Has anyone had any dealings with Multivision ?
I was looking at there VISION ELITE 5XP but am unsure of they are like for customer service!


  RomQ 20:56 09 Feb 03

A couple of opinions here: click here

I'm sure you'll find more by doing a search of these forums.

  anthonyl 15:35 13 Feb 03

i sent an email asking the spec of the motherboard in the summer........given up now ;) went to komplett instead

  cheapskate2k 14:25 15 Feb 03

Had to wait 5 weeks for a pc back in october and it broke after exactly a week. Says it all really. If its a good spec you will probably have to wait ages as I think they have problems meeting demand sometimes. Some people have had no problems though so may have just been the particular system I ordered.

  RobG126 15:27 15 Feb 03

I got my PC last October from Multivision and it arrived on time and have had very few problems with it. My emails have been replyed to relatively quickly and Multivision seem very helpful. I have not had any major hardware problems so i dont know how well they can deal with these but I would recommend them.

  kingkenny 19:38 15 Feb 03

click here

Posted a while back and got a few responses back. the above may be of interest to you.

Oh, also, get ready to receive an email from multivision as they monitor this site and sneakily send you mail. Personally I'd go for an Evesham, but thats me.


  Lú-tzé 19:55 15 Feb 03

I like the build quality of their machines but after sales service seems to leave a lot to be desired. Still, the same can be said of every manufacturer I suppose. I would advise you to see who offers the best deal and go with them - sometimes it is MV, sometimes Evesham, Mesh and so on.

  cheapskate2k 16:23 16 Feb 03

I bought an evesham after the multivision and I havent looked back, its a great machine. The multivision case I got was awful so it might be worth asking, it was a no brand cheap one not as they advertise.

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