Multi region DVD's

  Keithrow 16:46 23 Jul 03

I understand that you can play DVD's of any region on your computer DVD rom. The software allows you to change the region up to five times before sticking on the last used region.
What I want to know is, can you use, for example Cyberlinks Power DVD to play DVD's of one region and ATI's DVD software for a different region?
I am using XP if that makes any difference.
Can anyone help?

  Jean-Luc Picard 17:28 23 Jul 03

Region change is controlled twofold. one is by the viewer you use ie. Power DVD, Win DVD etc the other is by the DVD device itself. So theoretically you could extend the number of software changes you make by changing software but this would not help you unless you also changed your DVD device. in other words if the software doesn't get you the hard ware will!

  jimv7 17:58 23 Jul 03
  Keithrow 18:04 23 Jul 03

Thanks for the help Jean-Luc.
I knew the software had an influence but was unaware that the DVD Rom itself put a spanner in the works.
Your link looks promising jimv7, many thanks.

  dazzling (work) 22:56 23 Jul 03

you may need dvd genie to reset your software counter.darren

  Keithrow 23:28 23 Jul 03

Thanks for your help Darren. How can I check to see what my software counter is showing? Is DVD Genie available in an XP version?

  jnevill 23:39 23 Jul 03

Why would you want to view DVDs from different regions on your computer. If you wait a year or so the films released in the USA will be available in the UK? What's more is that you are depriving the hardworking executives of the distribution companies their rightful profits. They go to all the effort of promoting and marketing so that they can sell a £3.00 DVD for £19.99 and you want to deprive them of the profit.

Shame on you. :-)


  Jean-Luc Picard 00:14 24 Jul 03

I use this product and can recomend it and it is very easy to use. It is not cheap though and costs about $40 to downlod including free updates.

  Keithrow 09:00 24 Jul 03

After your post jnevill I have realised the errors of my ways. Never again will I try to work around such a well thought out inhibitor such as the imposition of 'regions' on film content.
On second thoughts... to hell with it! Of course I'll go on enjoying my many region 1 and 2 movies.
The problem has arrison as my son is off to Uni and wants to take DVD's with him. It is taxing his massive brain thinking of which of the DVD regions to take with him. His philosophy on life seems to be ...'why read a book when I can watch the movie?'
Many thanks to all who have responded.

  rickf 16:05 26 Jul 03

Do you kinow you can buy a dvd multiregion drive for the pc? I saw a sony one at the fair for £35 and it was selling like hotcakes. He had it on demonstration too. Pretty impressive.

  Beb? 16:33 26 Jul 03

how about just getting a second DVD drive? It will be better value for money than paying $40 for a piece of software, and if one fails, you still have another :)

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