MS Windows XP Office authentication

  Scarab 15:08 17 Jan 03
  Scarab 15:08 17 Jan 03

I recently went thro the pain of purchasing a full copy of this product ad have installed it on a desktop PC. I understand that if I replace this PC with another I will have to purchase another expensive copy of MS Office. Why cannot items of software like this be downloadable back to the original disc thus allowing more flexibility with the license that I have purchased?

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:13 17 Jan 03

If you buy another PC and dispose of the other one, then you would be entitled to install Office XP on the new PC. You shouldn't have any problem getting it activated, and if you do a quick phone call to microsoft will prove its authentic and you wiil be given a code over the phone.

Its not at all as bad as you think or make out.

  vinnyT 14:40 18 Jan 03

Scarab, as Sir Radfordin™ says, so long as you remove the the office XP from the outgoing pc, before putting it on the new one there will be no problem. I think you are getting confused (understandable) with the XP operating system, which is tied to the pc it is on, ie, if you give the old pc to someone with the os installed, you cannot use the same copy on your new pc. Hope this makes some sense.

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