MS Office from USA ok? and older version ok?

  spot the braincell 14:45 10 Mar 08

1) If I get a version from the US will it be the same as if I bought it in the UK

2) Do i lose a great deal if I buy an older version eg 2002

3) Anybody know where to get MS Office (any year)the cheapest

thanks folks

  oldbeefer2 15:00 10 Mar 08

Have you thought about going down the Open Office route instead?

  Widow's Son 15:01 10 Mar 08

who uses office talk to your tech people. There is a home use programme which allows you to buy it at the same price your company does. My company has about 12,000 employees, all using office. I cant remember just how much it cost me but was around £15

  Widow's Son 15:05 10 Mar 08

That was for office 2007

  spot the braincell 16:01 10 Mar 08

oldbeefer2 I've not thought of open office, but my eldest needs powerpoint and publisher for his homework
Widow's Son, good idea, but I work for a very very small company with me being the only employee.

I've seen MS Office on ebay in the states and it's cheaper but wondered if it's ok for use in the UK, if not where else could I get a cheap version?

  Totally-braindead 16:14 10 Mar 08

As far as I know the US version is exactly the same as the UK one, you do have to alter the spell check to make UK rather than US.

I don't know if you lose a great deal or not. I tried the latest Office and to be entirely honest I didn't think it was that much better than the older one. Though I must admit I didn't spend enough time learning all the ins and outs.

If you are willing to get an older version then you can get it cheaper from software liquidation sites that sell older software.

You can also get MS Office the latest version much cheaper if you get the student version and theres details here click here you do need to qualify IE be on some sort of college course.

  realist 14:29 11 Mar 08

If you need it for a student you can get it from here click here as I have just done. All you need to do to register is identify the student's name and the school they attend.

  Modo 14:36 12 Mar 08

It is absolutely fine - you just set the language to British English.


1. The Office Home & Student version is little difference in price. Indeed I have seen offers this year in the UK that are cheaper than the USA.
2. Don't go for an older versions. The schools now seem to have 2007 and for Powerpoint & to a slightly lesser extent Word the 2007 version is vastly more functional. (Excel is just prettier, Publisher bigger & Outlook out of date IMHO.)
3. Be wary of the Home & Student version. It does not come with Publisher or Outlook in the 2007 edition. If you need these check around for "Academic" versions of the full packages. They are still dramatically cheaper than the buisiness use versions.

Business versions are dramatically cheaper in the USA. Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Frys or J&R in New York usually have offers on one ore more version.

  spot the braincell 14:56 12 Mar 08

Thanks to all and following realist's advice I'll check out his link

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