MS Office 2007 Basic - How to re-install

  Alan2 18:12 05 Feb 07

I am looking to purchase a new PC in the next month or so and see that MS Office 2007 Basic - OEM (No CD) - costs around £125 pre-installed and the purchaser simply buys a license to open it.

Can anyone explain how, in the event of a major issue, the application can be reinstalled without any kind of recovery disc?

  Jimmy14 18:20 05 Feb 07

I can only think of making an image of your operating system with office installed, drivers and anti-virus etc using something like Acronis True Image 10 then if something was to go drastically wrong you could load that image back on. Another small backup is to make a system restore point when you install Office then if something not too major goes wrong, you can restore it back to a previous date with office installed. It would be a whole lot easier to have a disc with the install files you know.

  Alan2 18:26 05 Feb 07

Thanks Jimmy, I already backup with Acronis so it wouldn't be too much extra trouble to use that.

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