unsecured site?

  uok 15:06 11 Jan 03
  uok 15:06 11 Jan 03

Has anyone here signed up to because I am trying to, but I’m on the billing page which is warning me I’m to be redirected to an unsecured site, yet the site says otherwise, any advice!

Thanking you in anticipation


  Ellie3009 15:30 11 Jan 03

Don't sign up for it!!!!!

Read the thread posted here previously, do a search under in consumerwatch with the date set to "all discussion"

I think it was posted by Willhay, but I could be wrong.
In any case, it was apparently a rip off, and not worth the money, I think just a way of paying for what is essentially the Kazaa software!

Hope I caught you in time :)

  TOPCAT® 15:31 11 Jan 03
  Ellie3009 15:36 11 Jan 03

Thanks Topcat, I didn't know how to do the links!

  uok 16:14 11 Jan 03

Thanks but it might be to late, when asked before to proceed from the billing page to an unsecured page, I declined waiting first for a reply from this site as I had my doubts. It appears now I’m a member, how can this be as I did not proceed or more to the point what do I do now?

Thanking you in anticipation


  TOPCAT® 18:12 11 Jan 03

Sorry, but all I can suggest is you see your next card statement to see if a charge has been made. If so, then it should be no more than the $18 the person below paid. If no charge appears, which I doubt, then you are indeed lucky. Go try your membership and see if it works for you. If it does then I fear you have been billed. TC.

willhay Tue, 24.12.02 | 19:59

I subsribed to this site promising downloads galore for a subscription of $18. Guess what when I was in the members area all it was was Kazaa Lite, so do not subscibe to them it is a rip off Kazaa lite is free

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