inmymind 08:58 05 Oct 08


i currently have an Asus P5LD2 SE Motherboard. The version i have doesn't support core 2 duo, quad core etc. At the moment I have a pentium D.

Obviously if i ever wanted to upgrade my Processor, I'd need to change the motherboard. When changing a mobo, is it easier to use the same make and/or chipset?


  MAJ 09:10 05 Oct 08

It doesn't matter which make or chipset you choose, so long as it's compatible with the processor you intend to install on it.

  inmymind 09:14 05 Oct 08

ok, thanks for that. Any reccomendations on a new one, as future proof as possible really.

  laurie53 09:27 05 Oct 08

You'd be better off in Helproom with this one.

  inmymind 11:58 05 Oct 08

do you think so?

  rickf 15:11 05 Oct 08

Why not upgrade to a duo core motherboard bundle? Lots on the net.

  inmymind 15:25 05 Oct 08

is that a cheaper way of doing it, rather than mobo & processor seperately?

  inmymind 18:36 05 Oct 08

saying that, the new socket1366 is out soon. So is it worth waiting?

  rickf 18:40 05 Oct 08

Yes, it's cheaper to buy a bundle and separate components.

  tigertop2 09:53 06 Oct 08

" So is it worth waiting?"

It is worth waiting for the inevitable price drops in current hardware that will follow the introduction of the core I7 processors and the new X58 motherboards that they will need. The new stuff will be initially very expensive. I see motherboards at around £250 and you will need DDR3 RAM on them. But as a consequence there will be bargains before Xmas on current stock

  inmymind 17:50 06 Oct 08

Very good point tigertop. Will wait and look out for bargains. I wouldn't really need to get the new stuff anyway, can always change to that much later when the prices have come down. This thread was more of a general enquiry, not desperate to change. The thing i want to change first is my graphics card.

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