Most unsecure OS?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:51 13 Jan 03
  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:51 13 Jan 03

The usual Windows bashers will be rubbing their hands in expectation of another nail in Gates' coffin. However the Linux lovers may care to read this as it would appear that errrrm...Linux is a tad wobbly and gets the booby prize. click here


  powerless 11:34 13 Jan 03

O u C h

  jjf72 12:23 13 Jan 03

Hardly an unbiased opinion though, coming from
the WinInfo web site.

  Taran 13:02 13 Jan 03

Just a thought here; when a Linux security issue is discovered, it is publicised and the fix made widely known to the public (its userbase) to allow the hole to be patched. Apart from one specific case to my knowledge, when a problem of such severity was discovered, publicising it was put off for a few days until major networks and organisations had been given the opportunity to patch, Linux holes are normally freely reported.

Ask how many Microsoft security issues there are in relation to how many we actually get to hear about, coupled with the sheer size and regularity of security updates. This is all relative and very, very subjective.

I'd still choose a Linux solution over anything else if I was after security and efficiency for a network, although I've already mentioned many times in the past that its a wide open (comparatively) solution in its out-of-the-box, clean install form as a desktop OS.

Put it this way, I know far more (serious) ways of illegally accessing an MS software environment (domestic or corporate) than I do a Linux one, although either one can be breached if you have the knowledge, the inclination, and it has been poorly set up.

As I say, its largely relative and subjective.

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