Mobile Phone Scam?

  georgemac 08:51 31 Dec 03

Sorry if this is not entirely computer related but a lot of users here use ebay and buy the latest phones.

Many people on ebay are selling the link to a website where it is claimed you can buy the latest mobile handset for £20.

You have to buy a cd for £20, and then you are put on a waiting list until x amount of others buy a cd, then you get your phone.

The site is click here

how it works click here

and faq click here

Many people are bidding large amounts on ebay thinking they are buying a phone instead of a link. A guy I work with bid £265 for a link, thinking he was buying a phone only realising his mistake at the last minute and retracted his bid. Be careful.

  Bald Eagle 09:03 31 Dec 03

This is a pyramid scheme surely, and as such illegal in England?


  georgemac 09:14 31 Dec 03

thats what I think it is although they are very up front and honest about it.

I did not know pyramid selling was illegal, but when I first came upon this site some months ago I sent an eamil to BBC watchdog thinking they would investigate something like this but heard nothing back.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:26 31 Dec 03

These are for a scheme called a 'matrix'. The idea is that you get 50 or so people to cough up £175 each and the 'top' person gets a plasma TV/laptop/etc. It does not take a genius to work out that after three or so successful 'winners' the number of people needed to fund the matrix runs into thousands. The schemes are not illegal and rely on the gullibility of here

Similar schemes that I have seen on Ebay do clearly state that all you are buying is a web link, as the one above. Anyone coughing up huge amounts of money for these deserves to lose it as they have not read the sale correctly.


  spuds 13:06 31 Dec 03

This article had an airing a short time ago within the PCA forum. Looks like this type of thing is still on the increase.

  A Cat Called George 14:29 31 Dec 03

Have you reported this to Ebay? If you do, and it breaches Ebay rules they will pull it.

  georgemac 14:59 31 Dec 03

I once saw an obviously lost or stolen handset listed on Ebay, openly advertised as "blocked" would not work in the UK but would work abroad.

I reported this to Ebay immediately, but the response was extremely poor. Basically they were not interested, so I have little faith in the Ebay rules.

There are a lot of good honest traders on Ebay, I include myself among them, but there are some very dodgy items.

I do not agree 100% with gandalf's sentiments that the people who have bid on these items deserve to lose their money. I saw one phone on sale today, the first 90% of the description makes you think your are buying a phone then right at the bottom it mentions you are only buying a link to a website, inferring if you pay £50 for the information then £20 for a phone you have got a bargain. Of course gandalf is right when he says you should read everything thoroughly before placing a bid.

I think there will be a lot of very dissapointed people, but I won't be one of them.

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