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  Ade_1 21:04 03 Oct 06

I was wondered if any of you could suggest a decently priced phone, all im interested in is a camera, (not video) bluetooth and colour. If anyone can suggest a decently priced one it would be appriciated as im not coming up with anything...

I have come across one but just wondered if anyone happened to know of a better priced one. The one I have come across is - click here

Thanks in advance


(as you have probably guessed, im not after anything particularly expensive...)

  wjrt 21:28 03 Oct 06

click here

you pay but get cash back on production of receipts think has links to carphone warehouse but for 200 minutes and texts per month for a total cost of £30 for a year and free phone

  Ade_1 21:36 03 Oct 06

I have had a look at places like that. The only thing I have with that is if there are any "hidden charges" such as you have to pay a certain amount a month despite paying the contract (which you will get your money back)

Also, if I was to go with an option like that, would it be something like 45days before I recieved my money back?

Another thing, to anyone who is on a contract like this, if I was to call someone off peak would I get charged seperately for this. Sorry if thats a silly question however I have never been on a contract before.



  Ade_1 21:41 03 Oct 06

I have just read over how it works. I see that you send in your 4th 8th and 12th bills rather than monthly therefore I would not be getting my money back straight away(ish)

I think for the moment that PAYG is probably better for me in terms of money to go with a cheaper PAYG phone.

  lisa02 22:27 03 Oct 06

I'm in the market for a PAYG cheapy phone click here is what I'm looking at. That or the PEBL.

  Dizzy Bob 22:46 03 Oct 06

Duckmagic posts excellent mobile phone deals click here


  sean-278262 01:10 04 Oct 06

Sorry to throw a spanner in the works and go off topic but the L7 my best mate has it and while overall a good phone (extremely thin) it has pretty rubbishy battery life. Another friend has the PEBL and I have used it a few times and find it hard to type text messages in. Ade1 is bluetooth vital. I have for my k300i the standard in the box wired attachment and I find it is quite usable. I dont get the fad about having this awful looking this on your ear. The K300i is a nice phone has everything you require less the bluetooth. Plus I have seen it for £49.99 in orange stores and probably even better deals out there.

I have tried to find this next item but there is an attachment you can get for SE phones that allows any to be made into a bluetooth compatable phone by means of a simple attachment and Im sure other phones have similar options. This would open up a huge market of phones to you as a lot of phones are certainly going to be out of your price range and not all are that aesthetically pleasing.

  Ade_1 13:21 04 Oct 06

Thanks for the info Creature.

The main reasoning for a bluetooth is for transfer of items to and from the pc and other phones.

However, it would be a possibility to using USB for a while or even having a look at the bluetooth attachment.

Just a quick question what is an SE phone, sorry if im coming across a bit thick.



  lisa02 13:38 04 Oct 06

SE = Sony Ericsson

I went for this in the end SE W810i click here get it tomorrow by 1pm according their blurb, can't wait.

£149 + free delivery.

  Ade_1 17:13 04 Oct 06

Thanks for the info Lisa :) However £149 is slightly out of my range but thanks for the help.

Regarding your reply Pattoo, I really do appriciate the offer however I am preferebly looking for one with Bluetooth.
Thanks again


  lisa02 17:21 04 Oct 06

what about motorola razor phone? down to 69quid click here

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