Mobile based Internet Services

  Alien463 19:31 19 Aug 03


I'm thinking of buying a laptop for general use when travelling or on the go.

One of the uses of the laptop will be to connect to the Internet when in my car - and I was thinking that the best way of doing this would be to connect the laptop to a mobile phone and use a mobile - based internet service.

Would this be the best way of connecting? Also, what mobile based internet service should I opt for (this question is why i'm posting in the consumerwatch forum)?

Thanks in advance,


  fitshase 01:24 20 Aug 03

Both of your questions would depend on which phone you have and which network you are on.

If you have a phone with bluetooth then go for a laptop with a bluetooth adaptor.

Infrared connections are a bit hitty missy as you need line of site and a small distance between laptop and phone.

Your final method would be with a cable (either serial or USB).

Again, these depend on the phone you have (which must have a modem function/capability built in to the phone).

As for the mobile internet service, ask your current provider (Vodafone, Orange, O2, etc.) what they do for mobile internet connecting. They may be the best option.



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