Mistake on Dell website - Please help !!!

  CodeMeister 11:25 08 Feb 09


I want to buy a Studio XPS desktop PC from Dell, but I'm sure there is an error on their website.

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They are advertising their 8GB RAM as "Tri-Channel" (see below), but I don't believe that this can be possible.

8192MB (4x1024,2x2048) 1067MHz DDR3 Tri Channel [add £43.48 or £1/month-1]

I've tried telephoning them, and chatting online with them about this and they always promise to get back to me but never do.

The same P.C. is listed on the U.S. Dell website with 8GB RAM described as "Dual-Channel", which makes more sense.

Could someone please clarify this situation and if there is a problem, how do I inform Dell of this ?

Their lines of communication seem to be very poor.

I also get a Javascript error whenever I visit the page for the Studio XPs, which prevents the total from recalculating and the form from submitting.

It's all very frustrating.

  MAT ALAN 12:19 08 Feb 09

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thought we had...

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