Missed Deliveries

  oresome 11:34 11 Feb 03

FE dismisses another thread on this forum as not really a problem when a delivery date is missed. I would suggest it is a real problem with all purchases that have to be delivered and a prime reason why PC World and other collect by car retailers are so successful. Unless you're lucky enough to be able to arrange deliveries to your place of work, taking time off and waiting in all day for a none appearance is a major wind up.

  Magik™ 12:05 11 Feb 03

thats right bruv..well put......

  rickf 12:11 11 Feb 03

I agree. Time is money and they can only think about it in a one-sided way. It is a vital part of customer service for online trading as it is the only means.

  TBH1 12:12 11 Feb 03

yep - - but would have been interesting to read original thread.

  Magik™ 12:20 11 Feb 03

it's ok for FE, he just gets the man servant to open the door and sign for it...no doubt out shooting grouse.....

  Magik™ 12:24 11 Feb 03

is this it

click here

  leo49 12:25 11 Feb 03

That thread was blocked as it promised to be yet another tediously boring saga of purchasing a PC. That vein has been flogged to death - been there, done that , got a wardrobe full of T-shirts.

  Goatee 12:58 11 Feb 03

oresome, thank you very much indeed :) Thanks also to those that agree.

Like you said, it IS a real problem when deliveries are missed. 24 hours might not be long but that in itself is not a problem. Its the fact that you take time off work and spend the whole day at home. In this instance, my friend took the whole day off work and I also took 4 hours holiday so I could set the system up for him in good time and also resolve any spec issues if necessary.

leo49, I accept your point of view. But it is merely your personal opinion. If, for example, you were thinking of buying an evesham PC then you would find the thread of interest. As you obviously aren't in the market, don't read it, simple.

Exactly one year ago when I was in the market for a new PC, I followed every single Evesham related thread there was, all were of interest.

Anyway, as I tried to explain in another thread, the purpose of the original thread was not to complain about the delivery delay. The decision had already been made to post a thread about the purchase, prior to being made aware of the delay.

Delivery was promised for today before 1:00pm to my home instead. It is now 12:54pm and no sign yet. I sure hope they don't let me and my friends down again.

Apologies for another long post, but this has wound me up. I hate wasting my own time and it vexes me more when my friends time has been wasted.

  polmar 13:35 11 Feb 03

Why oh why is a 24 Hour delay deemed not important enough an issue, to the point where the thread is closed by the Editor.... Perhap the editorial staff are unaware of the real issues of living, the practicalities like going to work.

I believe that a 24 hour delivery delay is appaling. If they say delivery Monday, then the goods (bar an act of God), should come on Monday.

Come on Ed, don't trivialise the real issues, you are not doing Evesham any favours (big advertisers they may well be).

  Forum Editor 14:01 11 Feb 03

When you've finished having a go at me why not take a few minutes to get your facts right?

1. What I said was that a 24 hour delivery delay hardly warranted a 'diary' type thread in Consumerwatch - and it doesn't. We're here to help people with consumer issues, and this wasn't one at the time.

2. Silly remarks like "thats right bruv..well put......" and comments about me shooting grouse are hardly the stuff that memorable threads are made of are they? I probably work as many hours as any one of my critics here - certainly more than 14 hours a day, six hours a week, so I don't take such rubbish too well.

3. Comments about the size of advertising spends leave me cold - I am not remotely associated with that side of the business, and I have no connection with any supplier. What we will no longer tolerate is the kind of thread that leo49 refers to - they make no real point, and most people find them boring. We know they do, because they write to tell us. This isn't a chatroom, and we won't host chat-type threads.

When I closed the thread referred to I said that we would be only too ready to take up any real issues that arise from this order - and we will, but posting this kind of rabble rousing thread will certainly not make us change our policy.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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