misleading advertising

  Jomi 11:27 05 Aug 10


I was just searching through ebay looking for an upgrade and I came across this click here
My understanding of quad core processor speed is that it's much like thinking of 4 streams of water running at say 5mph each. There is 4 times more water than a single stream but at no point is the water doing 20mph (4 x 5mph).
In this ad the seller is saying that the processor is 11.6ghz (4 x 2.9ghz)am I correct in thinking that this is misleading?



  Woolwell 13:13 05 Aug 10

You're correct.

This is one of many reasons why I would never buy a system from e-bay.

  spuds 13:20 05 Aug 10

I once purchased a 'top quality' computer via eBay. What I read and what I received wasn't 'quite true'. So its a case of 'buyer beware' and if there are any queries, contact the seller before making or considering that purchase.

You could also 'Report this item' to eBay!.

  BRYNIT 13:40 05 Aug 10

If it had just stated the processor is 11.6ghz it would be misleading.

From the web page it does say "AMD 635 Quad Core 2.9Ghz (11.6Ghz)" it also says a little further down the page "Processor Speed: 2.5GHz - 2.9GHz". I personally do not find this misleading.

  Terry Brown 13:59 05 Aug 10

If you have i GB of memery in your oomputer and it (e.g)downloads a web page in 10 seconds, adding another 1GB of mmeory will not make it download in 5 seconds, possibly slighter faster, due to processing time being reduced.

The same is true for multi-core processors, they will run faster than a single core, but not necessarily 4 times faster for a 4 core machine.

As Brynit, says,' Always read the whole advert, not just the headline'

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