Mileage police??

  six-h 16:53 01 Dec 09

As with most of us, my motoring mileage has reduced over the years from "Excessive" through "Average" to "Down-right Pathetic"!

In an effort to secure a reduction in my car insurance, the only option was to re-assess my annual mileage.
Reducing the figure to a more realistic one did have a minor affect but begs the question; how do they verify this?

Is it just another way of giving them some "wriggle room"?

  polish 17:31 01 Dec 09

i dont know for sure but milage is entered on mot and now computerised i suppose easy to check

  six-h 17:39 01 Dec 09

polish; You're right but I don't think that the MOT's are accessible through the Police Database.
I've heard of them pulling folk over for no insurance or tax, but not MOT's.
That may be because the're only truly pertinent on the day of issue! lol

  birdface 17:46 01 Dec 09

Its the insurance company's you are talking about.
If there is a way to avoid paying I would imagine that they would check your MOT certificates.
Now if the car is new I am not sure how they would manage that as you do not need a certificate for the first 3 years.
Always better to be honest then you do not have to worry about it.

  Input Overload 18:04 01 Dec 09

If your car does only 20 miles a year there is still risk of it being nicked, vandalised etc. High mileage drivers have been shown to be safer drivers too. But how do you estimate what your next years mileage is going to be?

  six-h 18:28 01 Dec 09

buteman:the milage I have stated IS honest, based on the last four or so years so no worries there.
As Input overload points out, how on earth can you give an accurate assessment of the next 12 months?

  Hercule Marple 18:48 01 Dec 09

I did have my policy mileage set to a maximum of 6000 a year. Then I decided to change it to 7000, and they added an extra £1 to my premium. £1 per 1000 miles.

To check it in the event of me making a claim, all they have to do is have a look at the service log book.

  six-h 19:00 01 Dec 09

Hercule Marple, I seem to have been offered a good deal then, reduced mileage by 2000 - shaved £11.35 off the premium!
additionally, as "valued client", they offered a free MOT, or 1 night hotel room for two up to a max of £120!
Think I'll negotiate more often!

  Hercule Marple 19:33 01 Dec 09

Yes, although there's no way to tell from that which of us got the best deal, because yours might have been a rip-off to start with. Not that it matters which of us got the best deal.........

  six-h 20:17 01 Dec 09

Hercule Marple, true, but mine works out to just over 74p a day, and I'm happy with that!

  Hercule Marple 20:36 01 Dec 09

Hmmm, my current insurance works out at 71.5p per day, but my car is only classed as group one insurance. I've been with the same insurance firm for nine years now, and I divvent bother shopping around any more. They were great when I had my crash a couple of years back.

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