A microwave with a very large "screen"

  Stuartli 11:03 03 Jan 08

Some recent threads have detailed unordered goods being delivered to forum members' homes while they were out and the dilemma they had faced trying to return them.

Had a similar amusing experience this morning involving Argos and two remarkable coincidences.

Just before Christmas I ordered a microwave on-line from Argos; normally I visit the local store, but parking is difficult and carrying a microwave some distance to my car didn't appeal.

Because of the festive holiday I opted for delivery today and noticed the bright blue of an Argos lorry through the front door glass.

As the driver came up the path with a large parcel on his shoulder, I thought it was an unusually large size and shape for a microwave; then I noticed the word Bravia on the box.

Immediately I smiled and said: "No!" "Yes!" he replied and got out his delivery slip. "Number 9?"
he queried.

"Yes, but it's not for me. I'm expecting a microwave..." "I've no microwave delivery today," he responded.

He then checked the address and claimed it was correct, but eventually it turned out that, by a remarkable coincidence, someone at nearby number 9 XXXXX Ave (mine is Road) had also placed an order with Argos for delivery the same day.

"You can leave it if you want..." I joked, as he put it back in the lorry, informing me that smaller items are delivered using Transit vans.

The Sony might have proved an unexpected late Christmas present at no cost but, if I had signed for it, I'm pretty sure such dishonesty would have been quickly rumbled.

Not that I would, of course...:-)

  oresome 13:23 03 Jan 08

Well,if the other number 9 don't mind watching the microwave.........................

  laurie53 20:26 03 Jan 08

We've had the "moral dilemma" thread on here before.

You're more honest than me. I'd have had that in the living room so fast.......!

Of course, as an elderly gent I would have pleaded total ignorance of anything electronic.

  Stuartli 00:52 04 Jan 08

The microwave was delivered late afternoon - the driver, after I told him the tale, immediately said the address must have been 9 XXX Avenue.

He also added that Argos would have very quickly realised the mistake that had been made...:-)

  Totally-braindead 01:18 04 Jan 08

The mistake would have been found out rather quickly.

You did the right thing and I would do the same.

I would be tempted (who wouldn't) but its fairly obvious that they would find where the item went and taken action to recover it.

  BT 08:30 04 Jan 08

"carrying a microwave some distance to my car didn't appeal."

I've always found that Argos will help you carry heavy items to your car if you ask. They usually have a trolley of some sort out the back and will take the item to your car and help you load it.

I always reserve the item online to make sure they have it in stock. There's nothing worse than travelling all the way there and finding its not available.

  Patr100 00:18 05 Jan 08

Someone somewhere is trying desparately to get Coronation St using the defrost button......

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