Microtek FilmScan35

  xquest 17:42 19 Jun 04

Anyone managed to find an XP driver for this 35mm film scanner?
I've hunted all round the world and the nearest I got was some guy who tried a Lasersoft Silverscan SE driver on Win 2K, and got a shaky result (whatever that means). I couldn't then find a Lasersoft driver.
I originally had it running OK on Win Me, but no go on XP.
My normal scanner (Microtek ScanMaker 4800) runs OK on the downloaded XP driver.
The Microtek site has links to download the FilmScan35 XP scanner but the links don't link to anything.
I found a devastating discussion group full of disenchanted Microtek users - quality scans, lousy support, useless web site, un-answered emails and no replacement drivers.
I'm on my third normal scanner (all warranty replacements via Johnson-Photopia - a brilliant and supportive outfit but I didn't get the FilmScan from them). I've just emailed them about this and hope to hear from them next week.
You have been warned.
Any info. gratefully received,

  siouxah1 21:46 19 Jun 04


Had a quick look at microtek site and the links go to a download site, but you are expected to pay €2.99.

I am running this scanner on Win2K OK. They say that it will run on this driver on XP. But would not bet.

You might like to have a look here click here and see if this will do.

If you cannot find anything give me an email via the yellow envelope.

Regards Brian j

  xquest 11:25 21 Jun 04

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