Microsoft Word 2000

  Dave was 7312 23:22 27 Jan 07

Something screwy has happened to my copy of M Word 2000. I find that I no longer have as an option 'save as' where I have opened a document previously saved. If I open a .doc document which I wish to amend and save with another name I find that I do not have the option to 'save as' In fact in the 'file' box neither 'Save' or 'Save as' is given as an option . The only way I can save the document is by clicking on the 'save icon' in the tool bar. This overwrites the original. This is something that I do not wish to happen. I have tried re-instaling the program to no avail. Another scewy thing is that when I re-installed the program the progam lists populated from the 'start' button showed the microsoft suite embedded in W 2000 highlighted as 'new progams installed', but the 'M Word' program although there is not highlighted. Can anyone help me to get back to the original way of working where the option of 'save as' is available to previously saved documents?

  terryf 23:25 27 Jan 07

Don't know word 2000 but word 2003 if you go to add/remove their is an option when yo click remove to do a repair (you need the original cd)

  terryf 23:27 27 Jan 07

PS this thread ought to be in Helproom, ask the FE to move it for you, you will get better response perhaps

  Stuartli 23:35 27 Jan 07

I also have Word 2000.

Try entering AutoSave in the Help box - there are several potential solutions.

  Dave was 7312 17:34 26 Mar 07

The other screwy tihing about this problem is that when I install the program on another computer the file drop down box contains a 'save' and a 'save as option. but not on the computer that the original problem occurs on. How can this be?

  Diemmess 17:55 26 Mar 07

The problem being on one computer only suggests to me that has been corrupted.

Come out of Word and -
Search for (N.B. normal.DOT not DOC) and delete it!

Open Word again as you would normally and your problem should have gone.

[ is the template for much of the things you do with Word.
If you delete it, Word will make a new file next time it is opened]

Only downside is loss of custom settings (font and paper size etc all go back to default but that is soon corrected)

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