Microsoft Virtual PC run from inside Vista

  Newuser38 20:27 28 Feb 07

I saw the Virtual PC on a Microsoft business newsletter and am trying it on my Vista Beta machine. So far I have loaded 2000 Professional OS and it runs nicely, if a little slowly, in the Virtual PC within Vista.

Not sure if there any benefits apart from one does not need to dual boot and can move back and forth.

Has anyone tried it, or is using it?

Not as exciting but it reminded me of when Flecc was leading us all into the unknown.

  Giant68 01:22 01 Mar 07

I used to used to use it on Win XP, ran 98se, 2000pro and redhat linux. It was handy when friends phoned with problems with their 98 machines, I could run up 98 without having to dual boot and work out an answer for them. I also ran an early release of Longhorn.


  Mark_H 07:55 01 Mar 07

Im using VirtualPC 2007 click here

And it works perfect, and like lightning!

Got everything from Win95 Right upto WinXP running on it..even the hard to find Windows Neptune.

The only problem im having is creating the shared folders. , Thats in progress but year it works well.

  Newuser38 09:37 01 Mar 07

I should have said it is version 2007 was there one before?

  powerless 17:57 01 Mar 07

Yes: VPC 2004

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