microsoft office basic

  oldnovice 21:04 12 Jan 07

cheapest place to buy microsoft office basic
Thanks Dave

  Chris-347369 21:31 12 Jan 07

It can't be bought. This version of Office only comes preinstalled on new PCs

  Chaz10 22:01 12 Jan 07

You are wrong
click here

Hope this helps

  Joe R 22:01 12 Jan 07

If the 2003 version will suffice.

click here click here

  Chris-347369 22:22 12 Jan 07

I'm talking about MS Office Basic 2007

  Joe R 22:35 12 Jan 07

here's the 2007 version. click here

  terryf 00:19 13 Jan 07

Cheaper is open office, it's free to download and will do practically anything Msoft Office will do including reading msoft files

  oldnovice 07:50 13 Jan 07

Thanks for everyones help will have a look at open office if not it looks like 2007 from overclockers

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