microsoft finger print reader

  mobileman1953 20:15 08 Oct 06

hi all i am thinking of buying a microsoft finger print reader so i do not need to look up user names and passwords for the different sites i visit, has anyone got one and if so are they any good or is there problems with them, any comments would be welcome

  lisa02 20:40 08 Oct 06

I have one and they are good but I no longer use it as the novelty wore off. It's lying here in it's packaging I keep meaning to list it on ebay with other bits and bobs but can't be bothered.

  def90csw 21:50 08 Oct 06

What do you neeed one for?

  lisa02 22:10 08 Oct 06

"so i do not need to look up user names and passwords for the different sites i visit"

As a password manager with a bit of security, it'll only work with his finger print. Please note though it is NOT recommended for financial sites.

  spuds 23:04 08 Oct 06

Most people that I know who had one, no longer use them. As lisa02 suggests, the novelty soon wears off. I think even the FE as put his one to sleep!!.

  Forum Editor 00:35 09 Oct 06

He has indeed.

I found the fingrprint reader an irritation. if I want to contgrol access to something I'll do it with passwords.

  mobileman1953 07:44 09 Oct 06

thanks for your input i dont think i will bother thanks again

  €dstowe 07:54 09 Oct 06

I was offered a trial of one of these things.

After less than a day it was back in its box waiting to be collected.

A technology too far.

  Chris the Ancien 12:13 09 Oct 06

I use this...

click here

Then I only need to remember one password - and the longer the password is, the safer the encryption.

  kev d 19:44 09 Oct 06

There seems to be good news and bad news here. The bad news is that the finger print readers are not really rated. The good news is that lisa02 and the FE may be in the market to sell you one cheap!!

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