The Brigadier 18:06 08 Dec 08

Interested in the position of those who have bought from them and had their kitchens fitted etc OK. What happens if something breaks or you find you need a new part etc?

  interzone55 21:28 08 Dec 08

They're knackered, just like Rover customers were when they went bust.

Sorry, but life isn't fair and things like this happen...

  ronalddonald 21:42 08 Dec 08

around somewhere else to see if sapre parts may be available ie Wickes etc.

  ronalddonald 21:43 08 Dec 08

try ikea, but like alan14 pointed out there is way MFI fix something if they have gone bust unless you search the inernet for other suppliers who may offer limited parts.

  spuds 13:07 09 Dec 08

I tend to find Screwfix, B&Q, Wickes, Travis Perkins or similar outlets offer reasonable substitute parts.

  Diemmess 19:29 09 Dec 08

Pity a near neighbour.
Decided to replace existing kitchen. Ordered, paid, and had the old stuff ripped out ready for the new, which won't be coming now!

  interzone55 21:36 09 Dec 08

Perhaps they should have waited for confirmation of delivery date before ripping the old kit out.

I had a customer on the phone today asking to return about £5k worth of kit they took delivery of in September, they've only just done a site survey and the stuff delivered is suitable.
They said that perhaps we should wait until they've carried out a site survey before delivering. I told them that perhaps they should wait until they've done the site survey before they place their orders, and no you can't return the stuff...

  AlanHo 06:54 10 Dec 08


Why did they want to return stuff that was suitable?

  interzone55 09:09 10 Dec 08

Sorry, it was unsuitable, two missing letters render the whole post pointless...

  oldbeefer2 09:35 10 Dec 08

It's understandable at 21:36!

  jack 10:40 10 Dec 08

Rover customers were when they went bust.
As I am beginning to discover.
Normal Servicing is no problem and major mechanical parts also. but getting hold of a heater control knob is beginning to be another story.
This item starting spinning on the shaft and doing nothing'
Taking it off revealed the problem,m a plastic spring like piece has broken.
A web search has reveal a website the has Rover Breakers listed- from this I have had two quotes for used items- at £12&15 a piece.
As used items they are likely to be much the same as I have - so passed them by.
Currently I have sothered the item in Araldite and clamped it a mole wrench to harden- but have not as yet managed to get it back on- so for the time being[I hope] I keep the miniature mole wrench handy in the car.

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