Metronomy Free IBM pc

  Camille 00:25 08 Feb 04

Has anyone any opinions on the offer by Metronomy to supply a free pc on condition that you watch 3minutes of advertising for every hour on the pc?
Seems rather too good to be true - or am I missing something?

  Gaz 25 01:20 08 Feb 04


  Camille 01:25 08 Feb 04

So do I - but if it meant that I wouldn't have to fight my daughter for control of my pc, I might be tempted.

  spuds 01:31 08 Feb 04

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:46 08 Feb 04

This has been tried before and has failed. The free PCs rely on a lot of advertisers signing up in an area that is losing business. Advertising rates are at rock bottom and advertisers are scarce, ask any commercial TV station or magazine. If you were an advertiser would you pay to have your adverts shown on an untargetted home computer when you knew that no one is going to take any notice. Noble idea, baaad timing.


  Camille 01:51 08 Feb 04

read the thread - for some reason it didn't show up when I did a search, so sorry for repeating an existing thread.
I can see why you would need to be cautious, but when you have to fight with 2 teenagers for the pc, it is very tempting to have an extra one set up.

  silver_lexus 03:17 08 Feb 04

It doesn't cost you anything to try. There are so many negative people around.

  Stuartli 08:46 08 Feb 04

You get owt for nowt as they say in Yorkshire and the FE has made some, as usual, sensible observations on the subject recently.

As you can buy a perfectly respectable system for general use, including monitor, for as little as £350-£399 why bother with such a dubious enterprise?

The similar effort run for a short while by a firm based in Leyland two or three years ago left a lot of very unhappy people.

  Ranger 07:10 10 Feb 04

yes, but the people who were left unhappy were the ones who didn't receive the pc and there was a payment towards this pc (£100 - £150 if I remember right)this time there is no payment to be made,also as far as I have been told the people that did receive the pc got to kep it when the business went bust, so if your willing to put up with the adverts it may be worth your while

  thisisnighthawk 08:50 10 Feb 04

it will all end in tears..

have a read here.

click here

  Belatucadrus 13:04 10 Feb 04

"Every month you will receive an update CD which must be installed within 7 days of receipt. The CD automatically extends the life of the PC and updates the ads that will be shown. Each disc must be loaded onto your PC for the system to update. Should you fail to do this, your PC will be disabled. Your household must use the PC for at least 30hrs per calendar month, or approximately 1 hour a day."

At a guess the adverts will be full screen so that you can't ignore them and I would doubt they'd help continuity of any game that was running. Not for me, but I wish them well.

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