Mesh will not fix my Laptop - Part2

  FRCS 10:15 21 Oct 06

No call from Mesh re: my laptop, everything has gone silent phoned & have written twice and no reply. My legal advice that was given was to try to work out the problem with mesh, but they seem not to care about it. Is it a case of they say they will help here in the forum, but when it comes down to it off line they just do not care!

  Snec 10:45 21 Oct 06

What happened re your post of 16th?:

As for Mesh i have taken legal advice and they will be contacting Davey directly.

  def90csw 10:47 21 Oct 06

It's like Star Wars , the saga goes on & on!

  jimv7 12:43 21 Oct 06

Its best to stick to the same thread and not start another one, that way people can follow it without interruption.

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FE closed the previous thread.

"In view of the last post from FRCS

we are unable to continue with this thread. No doubt we'll learn of the outcome in due course."

  FRCS 13:05 21 Oct 06

Mesh dont seem to care about sorting this problem out. They do not reply to emails, this is their last chance to put things right and how do they act, by doing nothing. Surely this shows they just dont care about the customer.

I'm fleeced for £1,000 and i get a product that is sub standard and does not work, is that rigth and just?

Mesh have had their chance i will not sue them and see them in court!!!

  FRCS 13:07 21 Oct 06

Last line should read "i will now see them in court"

  def90csw 15:40 21 Oct 06

Whats happening are communications with mesh not getting through to the right person or are we missing something more in this? To have a customer who thinks of taking legal action is bad enough, but we have seen this before recently in another thread to do with Mesh plus others who it takes ages to get refunds from Mesh. Going to court to ressolve a problem will be damaging for both Mesh & FRCS.

  Forum Editor 16:48 21 Oct 06

and offered to help you by speaking directly to Mesh on your behalf.......but you haven't bothered to reply.

If you're going to take legal action we can't continue with a forum thread. In your last thread you said you were taking legal action, so I closed the thread. Now you've said you will sue Mesh, and see them in court. In that case I'll have to close this thread as well.

Why didn't you take me up on my offer of help - you had nothing to lose after all, and I think I might have been able to sort this out for you?

  MESH Support 09:26 23 Oct 06
  Snec 17:17 23 Oct 06

I was questioning and quoting FRCS.... but I did not use quote marks. I have no problem with Mesh.

Sorry for the confusion/lack of clarity.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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