Mesh Problems?

  denali 13:04 22 Oct 06

I have been following the Mesh debate for some time now. What strikes me most is there appears to be few comments on whether the Mesh PC is a good or bad buy. Obviously, from all the comments, the service is not the best. I have had a Mesh for three years and (tempting fate now) can honestly say never had any kind of problem. It worked out of the box and has done so to this day. My point is, simply, if it is acknowledged that Mesh is a good machine surely their sole object must be to improve their costomer service!

  spuds 14:06 22 Oct 06

Perhaps the answer would be on the volume of machines they sell, similar to Dell or Evesham. The good trouble-free machines go un-noticed, but the problem machines are very much highlighted, especially if after-sales service appears to be lacking. All product manufacturers should offer and give a total commitment to both their customer's and the product they produce, but by human nature, this is not always the case.

  Totally-braindead 14:29 22 Oct 06

Have to agree with spuds. Having been following the threads with interest I must admit its put me right off buying from them.
Customer service is probably the most expensive aspect of PC sales so in the cost cutting world of PC sales its hardly surprising that support is poor in many cases. Having said that though I have to say Mesh appear to be particularly bad in regard to this.

  philly73 16:32 22 Oct 06

i know 3 people who have Mesh pc's and all have told me what excellent machines they are.However i think people will be reluctant to see how good they actually are due to some of the horror stories regarding their customer service.Somebody in another mesh thread said something like its only the bad pc's/customer service we get to hear about.

  Mr Beeline 16:45 22 Oct 06

"Somebody in another mesh thread said something like its only the bad pc's/customer service we get to hear about"

Suspect it might have been me.

Though as forums like this are mainly for helping people with problems, I suspect you are only going to hear about "problem PC's".

Regarding MESH. It is a shame you seem to hear a disproportionate number of complaints compared to some (though PCNextday looks to be giving MESH a run for its money at the moment!), as their PC's tend to be more than reasonably priced and on the whole sport good quality components.

My last PC was a MESH (3 years old now) and I could count on one finger the number of problems I've had. Mind you, not a lot of the original components left in it now.

Tend to agree with Totally-braindead about it making me think twice about buying another from them. Which is a shame, as I've not really had any problems myself. Must admit that I've wondered a couple of times, how bad press on forums like this do/don't effect sales.


  MESH Support 10:31 24 Oct 06
  FRCS 11:49 24 Oct 06


  MESH Support 12:01 24 Oct 06


Which email address did you send it to?


  lovingit 12:33 24 Oct 06

I think you will find a lot of the posts which are about the customer service seem disproportionate to the issue. Davey responds really quickly which clearly shows Mesh do care. I have stated before that the 2 machines I have bought from Mesh have been superb and I will continue buying from them. When there is a problem (and of course every manufacturer will have some) it is rarely a joyful experience for a consumer. But people like FRCS always shout louder than the content consumer. FRCS seems hell bent on threatening everyone and not really concerned with getting help. Why post then?! I guarantee you will find more happy Mesh customers than not. Maybe we should speak up more and try and balance out the rants from the FRCS's of this world?

  FRCS 12:40 24 Oct 06

I emailed davey on the [email protected] this the same one i have used before!

lovingit i forget that it's normal to pay £1,000 for a laptop that comes with no operating system on it. I'm a very busy hospital A&E doctor and I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to keep emailing mesh. The clock is ticking and Davey/Mesh have until 1300(1pm) to reply.

I have emailed them (mesh) nearly 20 times without a reply. That shows to me they do not care, if thats the case then going to court wil sought it out once and for all!!

  MESH Support 12:54 24 Oct 06


If you have emailed me at my address then I can confirm that your email and, it would appear, none of your previous emails have reached me.

I can appreciate that you are unhappy with the situation but a part of your complaint is that you email us and we do not respond. Surely you can see the logic that if we do not receive, we cannot respond?

Could you please click on the yellow envelope next to my name, and enter at the very least your Mesh Order Number and screen-name(FRCS) into the form that appears? This will be emailed to me by PC Advisor whose emails I know I will receive.


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