norice 11:48 02 Aug 03

I ordered from Mesh even though I read a lot of bad things about them on this forum.
The PC I ordered was a MATRIX 2600+FX which came on the day they said it would. Everything looked good and I had it set up and connected. To my dismay it took about three goes to get it booted (the screen just went blank when it didn't)and even when it was running I thought it was quite slow.
I noticed the screen when it boots and it says MainProcessor AMD Athlon XP1250. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if that is the processor in my PC because the one I ordered was AMD Athlon XP2600. Is there another way to tell what is in my Pc without opening it up??

  powerless 11:54 02 Aug 03

Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Information

Look for "Processor" in the list

  bremner 11:57 02 Aug 03

It seems likely that your FSB has been set at 100MHz in the BIOS instead of 166MHz this would account for it being shown as 1250.

This is a poor show by MESH but by enetering the BIOS you should be able to set this yourself.

Press del on boot up to enter the BIOS

  norice 20:59 02 Aug 03

Thanks Bremner !! It now comes up AMD Athlon 2600+. Only trouble is it wont boot and the screen goes blank. I'll need to get onto the technical support on Monday.

  fitfella29 00:08 03 Aug 03

i see the monkeys at mesh have made another balls up.

After I went to where you had instructed, my processor was identified as:

x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~2079 Mhz.

I ordered an AMD Athlon 2800+, but am not sure whether this reading is correct, or have Mesh forgotten once again to set the FSB higher.

  Joe McG 16:39 03 Aug 03


That is the right settings for the 2800+,this is the one I use also.

  bremner 16:41 03 Aug 03

The Barton Core 2800+ has a clock speed of 2083MHZ

The Thoroughbred Core 2800+ is 2166Mhz

In either event there will be nothing wrong with your FSB setting

Thaxn for the input. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok.

  MESH Response 09:23 04 Aug 03

Please contact us by e-mailing [email protected]

From the details that you have posted here, we have some ideas on what the issue may be

As soon as you give us your details we will begin to help you generate a solution

We would like to highlight to any other MESH customer reading this forum that it is far safer to CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELP DESK FIRST before altering BIOS settings

MESH is an official launch partner with AMD and a Premium Partner with Intel

Systems sold by MESH as '2600+' will always have an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ processor

If the processor seems to be reporting the wrong '+ rating' then please e-mail [email protected] with your details

Kind regards,


  fitfella29 19:13 04 Aug 03

"We would like to highlight to any other MESH customer reading this forum that it is far safer to CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELP DESK FIRST before altering BIOS settings"

thats a joke,contacting your tech support?

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